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Stargate Atlantis --- “A Palm”

By: raman deep
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It is a show which is mostly abbreviated as SGA. It is a television series that is a part of MGM’s Star gate Franchise and based on the Military Science Fiction and Canadian-American Adventure. It is taken as the spin—off series of the Stargate SG-1.

Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright are the two persons who created this show. The Stargate SG-1 is created by Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner and was normally base on the Film named Star gate made in the year (1994).

There are five seasons of this serial which are broadcasted in the United States by the SCI-Fi-Channel and in Canada with the help of the Movie Network. On July 16, 2004 this show was premiered and on Jan 9, 2009 its final episode was aired. In the most famous city named Vancouver, British Columbia a part of country Canada this series has been get filmed.

The alien race favorably known as the Ancients has created Antarctic outpost which is discovered in the cast of the some seasons of Star gate SG -1 which are as follow seventh season finale episode “Lost City” and eighth season premiere episode” New Order” and the main thing the Star gate Alantis is followed by the events of the Star gate SG-1. The locality of the Atlantis which one is a well-known city formed by the Ancients and Colonel Jack O’Neill has been exposed by the Dr. Daniel Jackson for the reason that in the pilot event “Rising” Stargate Command sends an intercontinental team to look into the outpost.

This series get to a large extent of attractiveness and popularity in the countries like Europe and Australia and ratting success with the help of the SCI-Fi-Channel. This one is also nominated and was awarded with numberless awards in its five seasons scamper. On the series named Star gate Universe which one is already conceptualized co-creators initiate doing working as soon as the star gate Atlantis series get cancelled.

In this series bigger budget has been approved by the network also have less mythology dependent and its main focus is on the development of the character.
As on October 2, 2009 The Stargate Universe get started and after its two seasons it get cancelled. This Stargate SG-1 is also available on the many of the possessions and belongings that include print medium, toys, unique audio series and also playoffs.

As discussed above this serial has five series or seasons. Among the critics and its audiences it gets popular very soon. We can catch this show trough the various available sources which are quite placed in the market in form of DVD, in the play station store, the iTunes store, Netflix instant play etc.
The show is really enjoying high recognition. The viewers can even now have Stargate Atlantis Online. One can easily - Watch Stargate Atlantis Online. All thanks to speedy internet services and innumberable websites.
Free Stargate Atlantis Episode is available on the numerous sites on internet and one such popular site is Watch Stargate Atlantis Online

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