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7 Online Marketing Terms That Are a Must-Know for Every Online Marketer

By: Amy Patrix
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Online marketing is a trend that is picking up fast with the web masters. With the rush to move ahead in the online business scenario, many business owners have taken up online marketing as their core marketing technique. Online marketing is all about thinking of the future and moving two steps ahead of your competitor. Thus, having a thorough knowledge of the industry is a must. Like any other industry, the online marketing industry is also filled with certain acronyms and jargons that are exclusive to just that industry. These jargons have special connotations and need to be deeply understood in order to perform a proper online marketing campaign. Here are ten such acronyms that are a core part of the online marketing industry and needs to be known by every novice of online marketing:

Retargeting: Every time a new visitor comes to your website, a cookie is set on their computer. This cookie stores the information on their browser. This way, no matter wherever the visitor may go on the internet after leaving your website, your advertisements will pop up. This way the user will remember your site.

Geo-Targeting: As the name suggests, this technique targets the location of your users. This helps you to target your ads and campaigns to users located in a particular geographical area. The IP address of the user is stored by the search engines to determine whether the visitor is in the geographical area targeted by you or not.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization): This is one of the most essential aspects of online marketing. This helps the online marketers to determine whether their calls-on-action is working effectively on a website or not. All major companies that outsource web development and online marketing projects put special emphasis on this technique.

ROS (Run of Site): This technique permits advertisements to display on any page of the website. This will ensure that no matter which page do the visitors browse, they will see the advertisements on each page.

Local Search: Local search is one of the fastest emerging concepts in the online marketing arena today. This allows the users to browse websites that are limited to their current geographic area. Mobile Apps development service providers also consider this technique while developing geo-targeted apps.

Contextual Advertising: All major search engines like Google use the concept of contextual advertising to promote your business. This places your business ads on websites, blogs and other portals that are relevant to your business. This increases the chances of your website getting higher number of hits.

Mobile Marketing: Most of the people today access internet on the go through their mobile phones. Thus, having a mobile site or app is a great way of promoting your business. You can hire a professional mobile apps development service provider for the same.

The online marketing industry is growing at a fast pace and so are the acronyms and jargons used in the industry. To stay ahead in this competitive world, it is essential that you keep thourough knowledge of all terms and terminologies used.

Amy Patrix is a mobile apps development pro who is associated with as a senior developer with Xicom Technologies, a forerunner in providing web development and design services in India. The company is well-known for having a diverse global client base that outsource web development services and a 100% satisfaction rate.

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