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Antenna Accessories: What's in the Box?

By: Barbie Andrade
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Buying an HD antenna from a reputable supplier means you won\'t have to guess which accessories you will need to get your new antenna up and running. As with anything new, it can be a little intimidating understanding what all the different pieces and parts are for, and how they work together to bring such a broad range of channels to your television set.

Taking a look at the Lava HD2805, here\'s a break down of what\'s in the box and what those parts are for.

Amplified Antenna: Obviously, the antenna is the main item in the box. An amplified antenna means it has a built in signal booster, which often negates the need for purchasing additional signal amplifiers. However, in some areas that have difficultly capturing signals, an external amplifier might still be beneficial.

Control Box with Power Supply: The control box runs the frequencies and signals from your antenna to your television set. The power supply is of-course, the electrical plug. However, the control box is connected to the antenna via coaxial cable, so you don\'t need an external power supply for your antenna.

The control box lets you fine tune stations, and adjust the signal strength of the antenna. Fundamentally, the name says it all, since a control box allows you to control your antenna and the stations you view on your television. The control box is technically considered a part of the rotor, but it\'s kept indoors, usually close to the tv.

Remote Control: Believe it or not, some people think the remote control is for the television set. In fact, the remote control that comes with your antenna is part of the control box. You can use the remote in the same manner as the control box to fine tune stations and adjust signals as needed.

Motorized Rotor with Mounting Mast: The rotor is part of the control system, allowing the antenna to be turned for optimal signal reception. The rotor and the control box work together, with the control box being the mind of the operation, while the rotor handles the physical mechanics of rotating the antenna.

The mounting mast is a pole that is used to install your antenna to the preferred surface and keep it steady and stable.

Coaxial Cables: Coaxial cables work for your antenna the way telephone cables work for your phone. They run from the antenna to the control box and television sets to transmit the picture and sound you will be watching.

As a rule, excess coaxial cable that is coiled up is not just a waste of cable, but leads to unnecessary signal travel. The further the signal has to travel from antenna to television, the weaker the signal will be. Using multiple splitters or other accessories that interrupt the transmission also weaken the final signal.

The Lava HD2508 comes with a 30 foot coaxial cable to run from antenna to control box, and a 6 foot coaxial cable to run from control box to television. Since the control box has multiple outlets to set up multiple televisions, it\'s not necessary to use splitters. However, to set up additional televisions, choose the shortest coaxial length required to reach the television, so as to maintain the highest integrity of the signal.

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