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Evoking the Verities From Inside The Criminals: CSI

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is an American police procedural drama series. It was initially aired on CBS channel on October 6, 2000. It is the creation of Anthony E. Zuiker and the production of Jerry Bruckheier. It is shot initially at Universal Studios situated in Universal City, California. The production company associated is Jerry Bruckheier Television and CBS Television Studios. The distributor of the show King World Productions made a lucrative business with the release of the show.

The series CSI basically centers upon the crimes and police procedures in the sin city Las Vegas. The team known as \"Crime Scene Investigators\" works in association with the Las Vegas Police Department (LVPD). The team is not known from its real name i.e. \"Crime Scene Analysts\" and \"Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department\"(LVMPD)) because they are supposed to solve the serious murder cases with full proofs and drama. Fans can also watch CSI online for free on net.

The show later came up with its two tributaries named CSI: Miami and CSI: New York. It has successfully completed its twelve seasons and is set for the thirteenth season on March 14, 2012. The show is greatly liked by the viewers and is the most renowned drama series. It is famous all over the globe by “Festival de Television de Monte-Carlo” which delivered it an award for \"International Television Audience Award for Best Television Drama Series, and that too for thrice. It was declared as the most viewed program all over the world for the fifth time consecutively.

It has been nominated for several awards and received 9 awards during its existence. It received an ASCAP award, two AS awards and six Emmy awards. Besides this it also received Saturn Award, Screen Actors Guild Award and Teen Choice Award for its outstanding performance of the creators and the characters. CSI episodes are available for the viewers online on internet.

In the series, a team is selected to impart training for solving the criminal riddles by careful examination of the limited proofs. The team is currently working upon the case of 24/7. For solving this complicated case, all are set for gathering the witnesses, and the missing bits. They investigate for the hidden secrets of the mysterious case. The new leader of the team D.B. Russell has joined the team after gaining the experience working in Seattle Crime Lab

He has a complete family and is an intelligent scientist. He is very liberal kind of man and tries to solve the crime riddles with all his intelligence. The other associates of the team are Julie Finlay who examines the blood patterns; Nick Stokes who extracts the truth from the criminals by attaching with them on emotional basis; Sara Sidle who is the moral backbone of the team but never spares the criminal at any cost. Greg Sanders, Morgan Brody, Captain Jim Brass, David Phillips and David Hodges are the other prominent associates of the team.

The show blends deductions, gritty realism, drama, all in one. For non-stop thrill and suspense, the viewers can log on to various websites like http://www.watch-csi-online.com/. One can also Watch CSI Online for free. One can also watch out for CSI episodes from the episode guide available on such websites.

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