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Experience a long line of witches by watching The Secret Circle Online

By: nick kohlin
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The Secret Circle was a famous American Supernatural Teen Drama emphasizing on the life and adventures of 7 teenage witches. The show was developed by Andrew Miller and was derived from the book series of L.J. Smith. The show was telecasted on May 17, 2011 by The CW Television Network. The second season of the show has been cancelled by the network stating the reasons to be the decline in the ratings in the second half of the season. Many cited that the expensive cost of special effects and dramatic location was another reason for the cancellation of the show.
After the death of the mother, Cassie Blake (Britt Robertson) a sixteen year old girl and the lead of the show moved to Chance Harbor, Washington (a fictional city). She tried to adjust in the new town but her attempts are crushed by five of her classmates, Adam Conant (Thomas Dekker), Diana Meade (Shelley Hennig), Faye Chamberlain (Phoebe Tonkin), Melissa Glaser (Jessica Parker Kennedy), and Nick Armstrong (Louis Hunter), who reveal her to be a descendent of a long line of witches and is the final member of their coven and told her that by completing their circle, they can unlock the full strength of their powers.
As the story continues Cassie comes to know about her biological father John Blake (Joe Lando) a dark witch who comes from a long line of dark witches possessing dark magic from the balcoin bloodline and also comes to know about her half-sister Diana Meade. She starts developing love for Adam and even Adam starts loving her. They are told by Adamís Dad Ethan Conant that their love is destined but later on they are tricked to believe that they are not made for each other and they drink an elixir to forget the love between them but it works on Adam only and not on her. She face a rivalry with one of the member of the circle faye who is shown as a beautiful but selfish, Brash and Irresponsible witch who creates problem for those who supports Cassie.
Later On she comes to know about the Dark planning of her cunning father and that is to create a balcoin circle with her and Diana and four other children who have balcoin blood, which will make him again a powerful dark magician but when Cassie comes to know about this she stops him to do so by killing him.
The Show had a great start with a viewerís rating of 2.06 million but the rating decreased in the second half of the season and thus become a major reason for the cancellation of the show by The CW Networks. Anyone can watch the Secret Circle online as a lot of sites are available on the web related to the series.
Even though the show has got a mixed review from the critics, it has been nominated for best new series and Best sci-fi or fantasy series for TV.comís Best of 2011 and even has been nominated in Peopleís Choice Award 2012 in the category of Favorite New TV Drama.
The fans can watch the secret Circle online if they want to anytime. The Secret Circle tv show has been a popular series from a long time. If one wants to watch the episodes of The Secret Circle then you can see it online, log on to-http://www.tvs-the-secret-circle.com/and experience the adventure and thrill of being a witch as I did.

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