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Halo Reach Credits and Ranking System

By: Alduin Montagno
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Halo Reach is a popular video game made by Bungie. It will be the last Halo game made by Bungie, and it is really going out with a bang to the tune of two hundred million dollars worth of first day sales.One of the major changes made in Halo Reach, which differs from previous Halo games, is the ranking system. In previous Halo games players earned and lost experience points when winning or losing a match, and those points determined their numeric level. In Reach, that system has been completely revamped and replaced. Experience points and the true skill level system now move to the invisible background, and instead we see our players earning credits that are based on individual performance throughout the match.These credits pull double duty. Firstly, you can use them to purchase armor upgrades for your character in the Halo Reach armory. Secondly, as you earn credits your character ranks up. After earning a set amount of credits your rank will increase, which will give you a nice new icon that is displayed next to your name to show off to the rest of the Halo community, as well as a new title such as Sergeant, Major, or Colonel. These credits are cumulative, meaning that even if you spend them on armor it does not negatively impact your ability to rank up.Unlike the ranking system in previous Halo games, these credits and ranks only go up, not down. No matter how badly you play, your rank will never drop. This leaves the player with a sense of consistent progress that wasn\'t necessarily there in previous Halo games, and is just another example of the major improvements made in Halo Reach.If you would like further details on exactly how many ranks exist and exactly how many credits you need to attain each of them, check out our list of Halo Reach Ranks. We\'ve also got the details on over Halo Reach Weapons for you as well.Want to know how to get that new helmet? How about how to get promoted in Halo Reach? Well listen up because that is what we are covering today. Here is what you do.First you have to beat the campaign mode up to the sword base level.Second you want to put the difficulty up to Heroic on Legendary this is too hard.Third select sword base from mission start.Now start up the game when the game starts run straight back and then to the right. You want to go into the garage looking area.Inside there you will find the Target Locater weapon. Wait until the game tells you checkpoint reached and point the weapon at the large group of enemies that are gathering to kill you outside the garage area and let your airships kill them all for you. Next hit start and select restart from last checkpoint or revert to last save if you do not see that option. It will start you with the target locator in hand. All the enemies you killed will be back alive and you can just kill them again. Wash,rinse,repeat happy credit boosting.

Aside from the Call of Duty series of games, Halo Reach is one of the most popular and engaging first person shooter games. It's available strictly for Xbox 360 owners. To get more involved with the game you shoud check out Halo Reach clans to find other gamers to play with.

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