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Intense Fear in ďAmerican Horror StoryĒ

By: jone watson
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American Horror Story is a famous series of United States. It deals with the horror genre. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are the creator and producer of the show. The executive producer of the drama is Dante Di Loreto. The story revolves around Harmon Family. The family consists of Vivien, Ben and their daughter Violet. Viewers can Stream American Horror Story Online whenever they want.
With Vivienís abortion and Benís love affair, they left Boston and shifted in Los Angeles. They shifted in a repaired house. They are ignorant of the fact that the house is visited by spirits of its previous occupants. The second season includes many new characters in the series.
The drama is aired on FX in United States. The show starts on October 5, 2011. After the successful completion of the first season, they declare to start their next season with some cast and location changes.
The story is liked by the viewers and critics. The drama has continuous high rating during its first season. Jessica Lange is appreciated by everybody. The producers of the series want to make a different concerted show from their previous works.
The writers depict the story from actual crimes. They want to frighten the viewers. The story is inspired from the serial The Walking Dead. The shooting of the haunted and crimes scenes takes place in Los Angeles. The second season shoots in July 2012 and telecasted in October. Kyle Cooper is the creator of the main sequence of this show and as well as The Walking Dead. Cesar Davilalrizarry is the music composer and Charlie Clouser is the musician of the series.
The characters of Ben, Vivien and their teenage daughter Violet is portrayed by Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton and Taissa Farmiga respectively. Vivienís miscarriage and Benís disloyalty towards Vivien leads them to Los Angeles.
In Los Angeles Ben and Vivien renew their relationship and Violet comes close to Tate Langdon one of Benís patient. There life again suffers when Hayden is killed in L.A. Vivien gives birth to twins. Both are from different fathers. Violet kills herself when she comes to know about Tateís actual character. Many plans are made by the evil spirits to acquire the new born.
Vivien goes mad when she comes to know about the reality of the house. She is admitted in a mental hospital. She got pregnant when she comes back after her recovery. Vivien dies after giving birth to the babies. One of the babies is also died. The spirits of Vivien and violet advised Ben to leave the house. While he prepared to leave the house he is hanged by Hayden. The Harmon family is once again reassembled.
After three years leap Constance hides her grandson Michael when she discovers that he has killed his governess. The first episode of the series is viewed by 1.6 million viewers. The fan following of the drama is increased with the advancement of the seasons. The drama also receives many awards and nominations.
The show gets positive analyses from critics. The soap opera becomes very famous in a short span. The show has a huge fan following. Viewers always search American Horror Story Episode Guide for free. If you want to watch TVs- American-horror-story, you can run through the site: http://www.tvs-american-horror-story.com/.

I am a content writer of articles. I like watching the horror and comedy shows. I always watch the American Horror Story as it is one of my favorite series. The fans can watch American Horror Story online for free anytime.

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