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Mobile Application Development- Whether or Not to outsource Web Development?

By: Amy Patrix
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If we would have talked about it a decade ago, people would have disagreed to the fact that smart phones are the new fad. But today almost everyone would agree that smart phones are the most emerging form of cellular phones available. With more and more vendors manufacturing phones hailing from the smart breed, people have started bringing this technology home. The technology of smart phones, however, doesn’t come alone. It has brought along the concept of applications or Apps. Anyone and everyone who has a smart phone agree that doing without the highly useful Apps is quite inconvenient. Today, people need an App for every meek purpose- whether it’s keeping a tab of health or locating the nearest dining outlet, you name it and there’s an App for it. Understanding the increasing demand in the smart phone application market, development companies are finding ways to harness maximum profits. Mobile application development companies are cropping everywhere today. You can try and easily find a mobile application development company on the internet, offering several handy and user-friendly Apps at cost-effective pricing.

Smart phones are the higher breed of cellular phones that are equipped with high-end features that one could only find in computers till sometime back. The reason for the excellent functionality of smart phones is that they are backed up by highly-functional operating systems developed by IT giants. Some of the most popular operating systems are Symbian, Blackberry OS, bada OS and Android. These OS are highly popular. Owing to this popularity, more and more business owners are venturing into the field of application development. For this purpose, they either hire in-house developers of outsource web development projects. There is, however, a strong debate whether one should utilize in-house resources for mobile application development or outsource the project. Here are certain advantages and disadvantages of both in-house projects and outsourcing that might help you choose the work model that suits your needs:

Advantages of In-House Development:

Complete control over the process of development
Ease of management and co-ordination with developers
Incorporation of new and evolving technologies
Full control over the budget of development
Control over the pace of development project

Disadvantages of In-House Development:

Hassles of obtaining different licenses and certificates for using particular software
Cost of maintaining team of in-house skilled developers
In case the team isn’t able to complete the project, last minute cost of seeking expert guidance.
Paying expenses of maintaining the high-end infrastructure

Advantages of Outsourcing:

One can expect better realization in terms of revenue
The project can be completed in pre-determined speed and time frame
No need of preparing a knowledge base from scratch. You can get access into an established one
You can avail high quality services

Disadvantages of Outsourcing:

Fear of loss of control over the virtual team
Co-ordination issues may crop up
There may be a lag in turnaround time
You might have to get into hassles of legal formality if the outsourcing company is in another company

Keeping in mind the above mentioned points, you can decide whether you wish to hire in-house developers or you want to outsource web development to a mobile application development company.

Amy Patrix is programmer cum blogger at mobile application development company ( This is a outsource web development company which provides solutions to the outside country as well as in India also.

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