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TERA Online Classes Overview

By: Alduin Montagno
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In this guide we are going to give you an overview of each class in Tera and tell you how they will play so you can pick a class that will suit you. We will also give you a difficulty rating for each of the classes as some are easier to get to grips with than others.If you play a lot of MMO\'s then you will be fine picking any class but if you are new to the game then there is definitely a learning curve here!The first class we will look at is the Archer:Tera Archer Class:The Archer makes for an excellent choice if you are new to the game as it is a ranged DPS class with strong attacks. Basically DPS means \"Damage per second\" and this class will deliver huge bursts of damage on your foes and aim to destroy them before they even get close to you.If you are playing Solo and concentrating on leveling this is an awesome class and you will use traps to slow down or stop your pray while you rain down the damage.In a group the Archer works well to attack multiple targets with high damage and works well as a DPS to assist your party.We give this class a difficulty rating of 2/5.Next up we have the Berserker:Tera Berserker Class:The Berserker class is another DPS class but unlike the Archer you will have Heavy Armor and get up close and personal with your enemy. They use massive charge up attacks and are very good at blocking.If you want an all-out attack class then you should think about using the Berserker but bear in mind you will lose mana points when you are not attacking.This is also another very good class for Solo play as you will be able to attack constantly and your damage will go up.In a party you will use the Berserker as a Tank and if you want to take on the BAM\'s first and be right in the front line this is the class for you!Difficulty for the Berserker is 3/5.Tera Lancer Class:This class is a Tank and can take a lot of damage they are also a little bit more difficult to use so if you are new I would go for another class.If you fancy a challenge though and have played MMORG\'s before when used properly the Lancer is an awesome class.Solo this class is a bit tricky to use as your main skills are generating massive threat to get the enemy to attack you.As a party this is the ULTIMATE class as you can get the attention of the bigger mobs and then you will work as a defensive tank and you can take a massive amount of damage before falling.Difficulty for the Lancer is 3/5.Tera Mystic GuideThe Mystics are a very strange class! This is probably the hardest class to use in the game for new people as a lot of your skills are healing. You do get an awesome teleport skill but if you are looking for a class for leveling I would look elsewhere.As a party member the Mystic is good fun because you will be able to get around the entire battleground with ease, you have your teleport ability and you will also be able to help your party with some awesome healing abilities.Your other skills involve numerous buffs that you can use on your party so if you are playing socially then the Mystic might be for you.Difficulty for the Mystic is 5/5.Tera Preist GuideFor those of you that want every spell in the book literally the Priest is for you! This class has the most spells out of any class in the game and are average difficulty to use.They work well as a healer but you can also do well soloing with a priest.They work well in solo play because of the power of their attacks but are primarily a party class and you get the awesome revive skill with this class.Mainly used as a healing class in parties.Difficulty for the Priest is 3/5.Tera Slayer GuideThis class is a bit like the Berserker but with light armor and they are more accurate with their shots. A good beginner class for people that want an alternative to the Warrior. You will find this class makes for a good Burst DPS class while leveling solo.While playing as a party your main aim with this class will be to get in and out quickly and deal massive damage.

TERA is an addicting and fun to play MMORPG for the PC. Some aspects of the game can be confusing to figure out, though. For these you should check out our website about TERA Lancer Guide for more informatoin.

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