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TSW The Pickup Mission Guide

By: Matthew Hogrefe
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The Pick Up is one of the new missions in The Secret World for patch 1.1. It is a stealth mission and can be a little tricky so I have decided to write up a walkthrough for the mission.Before you read on make sure you are ready for some spoilers as if you want to figure it yourself this walkthrough will spoil it for you so be sure that you need a walkthrough first.You will pick this up from Che Garcia Hansson who you will find in the Hippie Camp in Kingsmouth.You will also have need to complete Rolls Downhill first which you can pick up from the same guy.It is fairly straight forward until you get to Tier 2 and then you will need to do some stealth work.You just need to make sure you stay close to the left wall and avoid the cameras. Just time the cameras and stay as close as you can to the left wall and you will be fine.Next up you will need to use the Security grid to neutralise intruders.You need to click the electric grid box and as you do you will see that the faint laser moves towards the guards. If you click this 3 or 4 times you will have moved it up far enough so the guards walk into it.Next up you will need to pick a door and you should pick the middle one - I have no idea if this is random so you might get a mob to fight.You will now need to cross back over the security grid - this will require some thought as you will need to zoom in on the grid and find the path where no electricity is being conducted to plot your course.You will then need to disable the security system and you will have 4 levers on the wall. This again might be random so you will need to try out the combinations but this sequence worked for me.First Lever: DownSecond Lever: UpThird Lever: DownFourth Lever: UpOnce you have disabled the security system you will need to leave through the maintenance tunnels.Leave the room and turn left and you will see a laser grid but you will notice a gap here that you will need to quickly run through.Once you have done this you will have completed \\\'The Pick Up\\\' in The Secret World.Missions in The Secret World can sometimes be challenging due to numerous puzzles and riddles that are often found within them. But we pump out guides to every single one to make it easy for players to gain the experience, Pax and tokens from completing missions. The stories that are intertwined with tthe quests you are sent on can be very interesting at times, too, making questing even more enjoyable for players to partake in. So you get a bit of the TSW background and points for leveling.

TSW is full of missions of several different types. And most often present players with difficult enemies or puzzles to get through. This is where mission guides come in handy. For full mission guides, news and more for this game visit our website at Secret World News.

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