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The Secret World Overview of Crafting

By: Alduin Montagno
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Funcom has created a class-less, level-less MMORPG called The Secret World. Instead of fixed levelling system or class-categorized abilities, a player can create one\'s own weapon and add stats that one desires. To do so, The Secret World leveling guide has a crafting system called the Transcribing System, which creates gears and adds specific stats for the weapons.Transcribing System is one of the user interfaces in The Secret World for players to disassemble, refine, and assemble items to support the player\'s build choices. Items that can be created varies from consumable items to talismans and various weapons. Players can create items to increase the quality level of the weapon, to add stats to the weapon, or simply to sell the items to earn extra money. All players can use this transcribing system as long as the player knows the shape and has the materials needed.First step in the transcribing system is to disassemble an item. Disassembling an item provides the base materials in a specific \"shape\" on the grid. The given shape defines the item type. For example, if a player disassembles a hammer, the grid will display a shape of a hammer. It also provides some base materials such as the sacred metals. In order to upgrade the quality of the hammer, one must create the weapon using better source of materials; in this case, pure metals. Players may root pure metals or refine metals by placing five of an item in the assembly window. This is called refining. Refining allows players to create crafting materials for further upgrade. Once the player has collected enough materials, players can place the materials in the given shape on the grid and click assemble, and outcomes the better hammer. Players can also add stats to their weapons by creating prefix, suffix, and core items. These items adds ratings to the weapon. There are all sorts of different ratings that can be added to the weapons such as physical protection, block rating, penetration rating, critical damage, magical protection, and many more. In order to add these stats on the weapons, players need to create prefix and suffix items using the transcribing system. To assemble a prefix, player must root a toolkit. Toolkit provides a list of materials needed to make a prefix. Place the necessary components and the toolkit and assemble it. Lastly, combine the created prefix with the weapon in the inventory window, and it will result the original item with stats that the player seeks for.In The Secret World guide, players are given freedom to create an original character with self-created weapons with self-picked stats to fight the rising darkness.

TSW is full of missions of several different types. And most often present players with difficult enemies or puzzles to get through. This is where mission guides come in handy. For full mission guides, news and more for this game visit our website at Secret World MMO.

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