The Majestic Betta Splendens
By: Elbert Titcomb
Posted on : September 4, 2012  Views : 16071
The incredible betta fish is a member of a decent sized type of fish, that includes gouramis and all betta types. They are relatively small and more often than not brightly colored. Betta fish are a special variety of fish known as a labyrinth fish. They are generally aggressive fish, and for many years, humans have forced them to fight other bettas, which gave them the name Siamese fighting fish.aggressive actions have gotten bettas the nickname Siamese fighting fish. For this reason, bettas are typically better off when housed alone.

Bettas are pretty small. Bettas only grow to be about three inches long and an inch wide. Many natural betta types feature mostly dull colors, however the betta fish you find in fish stores are usually really bold and colorful. These fish were created through selective breeding of the fish. Any of the longer fin varieties are from of selective breeding as well. extra resources

While caring for betta fish, it is a good idea to keep them separated. Male bettas always attack each other when housed in the same habitat. In the same way, males will habitually attack female bettas. Unless you are breeding betta fish, then one should not keep female and male betta fish with each other. The one exception, is female bettas with other females. As long as you have a big enough tank, you can have female betta fish together. There should also be a lot of of spaces to hide if they\'re kept together. However, most bettas are able to be be housed in the same aquarium as different types of fish. There are a few things to think about in addition to compatibility, all of the fish also have to require similar water requirements.

Considering their aggressive demeanor, it\'s no big shock they are carnivores. Due to the fact they are surface feeders, their mouths point up. In the wild, they eat mosquito larvae and other water bound insects, in addition to plankton. If you can get your betta fish to eat them, betta specific food flakes are an easy and cheap food. Most betta foods are a combo of things, such as shrimp, aquatic bug larvae and flour to bind it together. Freeze dried shrimp and bloodworms are an awesome treat for betta fish.

In natural breeding, a female betta and male betta join together to mate. The male betta begins the ritual by spreading his fins and flaring his gills. If the male can arouse the female, her colors will darken. A bubble nest will be made at the surface by the male. The female betta then drops her eggs in the nest who then fertilizes them. He will then gather up all the eggs in his mouth and put them safely into the nest of bubbles. The eggs will remain in the safety of the nest of bubbles until they begin to get larger.

Lots of people say betta fish have a lifespan of just two to three years, but the truth is in a well cared for living space, they can live to be as old as 8 years. Just like any other animal, you have to be careful to provide them with the proper living space and nutrition. Whether you\'re new to fish keeping, or you\'ve kept fish for many years, betta fish are sure to add some fun to your life.