Gulid Wars 2 World vs World Combat Overview
By: Alduin Montagno
Posted on : September 8, 2012  Views : 4176
The main PvP game in Guild Wars 2 is taking place in the Mists. The World vs World battles put 3 servers head to head against each other to see which of them can control the most of the fortresses, towers and resources on the map. It is a large scale adventure that you can join in at any time, no matter what level your character is. This is because everyone who enters are raised to level 80 when they enter, to keep the playing field more even. To make this more attractive, as your server gains points, it creates boons that have effect on all the players in the realm. The matches will last for 2 weeks, and then servers will be matched up with others, and the bonuses reset. To get into the battlegrounds you simply open the WvW window. On this screen you can see how your server is doing in the fight, what benefits your server is currently enjoying. It shows a pie graph as well as the actual point totals for each server that is in your current match up. To enter you simply press the large button at the top. You will then need to pick a battlefield to go to. The map is a set of 4 areas. Each server has a home area, and then there is a central region called the Eternal Battlegrounds that is contested, and has a large Castle in the middle. All of these regions though have forts and towers and supply caravans that can be fought and won for your server. The idea is simple, take over as many points on the map, at the same time defend the ones you have. The larger the structure, the more it is worth to your team. The fortresses and towers will require you to fight as a group. For some of the large strongholds, you will need a very large number of players to attack it to succeed. These battles are a lot of fun to watch, and can be very absorbing to join in on. If you are unsure where to begin, watch other players, keep an eye on your chat screen, and follow where those players go. No one will be unhappy to have an extra fighter along to help out. Remember that your enemies are actual players, and their names will show in red, your team will show green.The battleground maps also have things for you to do and see just like other areas of the game. You can find skill points, points of interest, and vistas along the way. There are also hostile creatures in the lands too which can be deadly if stumble into their area. Various NPC groups are also living here that you can win to your side, and who can provide benefits to your team as well. It may be good to start off your WvW experience by exploring an bit, and learning a bit about where things are.
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