Guild Wars 2 - The Powerhouse MMO
By: Alduin Montagno
Posted on : September 8, 2012  Views : 2878
The highest level in GW 2 will be 80, so how to level up quickly in Guild Wars 2? Experts on GW2 offer some keys to players. As you travel through the land and accomplish the heroic tasks set before you, your character will earn experience points and gain character levels. With each level comes an increase in maximum Health (which makes you harder to kill) and an increase in Energy. The highest level your roleplaying character can reach is 20, which is, not coincidentally, the starting level for a ready-made PvP character.Do your personal story when ever you are the proper level for the next chapter.Dynamic Event, (not Heart Tasks), are the most efficient PvE content aside from the story, maybe even more so. That doesn\'t mean you have to skip the Hearts, most of them are quick and often DEs will occur near by, but really look for DEs, don\'t pass one by while tracking down some other objective.According to Murdock, it works like this: \"For leveling a discipline from 0-400, you will gain 10 levels along the way. By maxing out all 8 disciplines, you will gain 80 levels. That means you could dedicate a character to crafting, feed it all the mats you get on other characters and level it all the way to 80 without ever needing to kill a thing.Exploration gives good XP. Bouncing between the three racial starting areas will help you get more exploration XP and also expose you to more Dynamic Events. So, if you want to level fast, travel around.How to level up Efficiency in GW2The key to fast leveling in GW2 is leveling efficiency, a player may spend two hours on leveling ,but turned out his level is even lower than other, so how to realize this in the game? suggests make sure to get all the way points you find, so you can travel quickly where you need to go. You can place items you want to sell on the Trading Post (AH) right from your inventory under the right click context menu. Items that are vendor junk can be sold many places, but with a good collection of way points, if you need to port to a vendor, then back where you left off, the round trip time is quick.How to Level Up Quickly in Guild Wars 2.\\Guild Wars 2 Thief GuideA personal favorite thief build is to go with two daggers as the primary weapon set and two pistols as the secondary weapon set. This pairing gives you the ability to maintain combat at any distance, and gives access to some of the more fun skills. Start with Withdraw in Healing, Scorpion Wire, Haste and Roll for Initative in Utility and Dagger Storm in your Elite skill.10 points in Combat Arts to start, grabbing Combined Training at 10. Then it\'s into Trickery to gain Trickster at 10, Initial Strike at 20 and Flanking Strikes at 30 (you could also substitute in Thrill of the Crime for group situations). Acrobatics is next to get Assassin\'s Retreat at 10 and Combined Tactics at 20. The last 10 are up to you, though I chose Critical Strikes with Flanking Critical Chance (to go with Flanking Strikes).
Guild Wars 2 is still a very new game so players may not know the best ways to level up quickly. To learn how to do that right now go to GW2 Crafting Guide for more information.