The Amazing Race… “Really Amazing”
By: Alston Harvey
Posted on : August 7, 2012  Views : 12962
The CBS program is running the show since 2001, having completed twenty seasons and the next being expected soon, which include a total of 237 episodes, each with a running time of 43 minutes.
Created by Elise Dognieri and Bertram Munster, this reality competition is hosted by Phil Keoghan, the famous veteran New Zealand television personality. The show is produced by Earthview Inc., CBS Television Studios and ABC Television Studios.
The whole of the race is divided into about ‘Legs’, each episode covering a single leg. At the end of each leg is a ‘Pit Shop’ where the participants are allowed to rest and recover before the next one, which would start twelve hours later. The team, to reach first at the pit shop is given an award, which is often a trip, and the team which reaches last is eliminated, but in case of a non-elimination leg, the team is rather penalized in the leg which follows.
Some legs have double the usual length, where on reaching their destination, the teams find out that it isn’t a pit shop and have to continue. Sometimes, the teams on reaching the pit shop are not allowed to rest but have to continue.
The final leg has the last three teams standing. The first to reach the final destination is the season winner.
All along the journey, the teams follow clues from ‘Route Markers’ (boxes containing clue envelopes). They can travel the ways they want, hiring vehicles (by the money given at the start of each leg) or by foot. Some teams even beg to save money which they can use in upcoming legs.
The clues vary from direct name of the location, or a riddle, of some physical elements like flags, or mention some task that has to be completed before they continue like Route Info, Detours, Roadblocks, Fast Forwards, Intersections, U-Turns, Speed-bumps, etc. The teams which are unable to complete their task are penalized; the penalties may be enforced during the race or while in pit shops.
The events of the race are generally edited and shown in chronological order, cutting between the actions of each team as they progress. Footage from the race is interspersed with commentary from the individual teams or members recorded after each leg to give more insight on the events being shown. The show helps to track the progress of racers through a leg by providing frequent on-screen information identifying teams and their placement.
The series has won eight out of nine Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program after the category was created in 2003. Although it has moved around several prime time slots since its inception, the program has averaged about 10 million viewers per season.
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