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Fulfil Dreams With ‘2 Broke Girls’
By: Rebecca grey
Posted on : July 30, 2012   Views : 7125
“2 Broke Girls” is an American series based on situational comedy. It is an episodic series. It revolves around the two lives of two ladies. They both are working as waitresses in Brooklyn Restaurant. They come from different families but become very good friends while working together. One belongs to a poor family and other from rich but has no money as her father was caught doing bad things by the authorities. The girls are having a dream to open their own cupcake shop. They work hard to save the money required to establish their dream business.

The series is created and executive produced by Michael Patrick King and Whitney Cummings. The opening theme song ‘Second Chance’ prepared by Peter Bjorn and John. It is debuted in year 2011 for the first time and is till running for its second season successfully. One season is completed including twenty four episodes.

Each episode is having 22 minutes as its running time. It is televised on CBS channel. The production companies are MPK Productions and Warner Bros. Television. Situational comedy is the format and it is appealing attraction of the viewers towards the programme.

The mirthful programme is enjoyed by large number viewers. They love to watch it so much that they enjoy even the old episodes whenever aired on TV. They are provided with an opportunity to watch 2 Broke Girls online. As we know, internet has become the best friend of people these days. The viewers can even download free 2 Broke Girls episodes as various websites are providing the facility of free web browsing.

The prime role of Max Black (from poor family) and Caroline Wesbox Channing are portrayed by Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs. The other main characters are Earl, Oleg and Han Lee. The roles are adopted by Garrett Morris, Jonathan Kite and Matthew Moy respectively. The reoccurring characters are Sophie Kerchinsky, Peach Landis, Johnny and many more. All the characters are well suited in their respective roles.

The actors are admired by the critics. They are considered to be one of the reasons for its success. The show initially receives some negative comments and is blamed to have racial based comedy which is not good. Many personalities have commented against it. It soon amends its faults and gains popularity and favourable reviews.

It is also nominated by different industries in various categories. It is also honoured by accolades among them. All the actors and staff members are honoured in different categories. It receives The Comedy Awards for Comedy Series and Favourite Couple and People’s choice Awards for Favourite New TV Comedy.

It is filled with hilarious motivational scenes that attract the viewers. They watch it without missing any of the episodes. They can watch 2 Broke Girls online anytime they want to in order to relive the experience.

One can also log on to and can take advantage of free 2 Broke Girls episodes of their own choices. I personally like the programme because I have keen interest in watching comedy series.
I am Supriya, writer for magazines and newspapers for long time. I have keen interest in watching comedy TV series. 2 Broke Girls is one of the best examples. I like to watch 2 Broke Girls online on various websites.